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Old 01-01-2019, 08:06 PM
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Default Who conducted the first extensive survey of american sexual behaviors

double dildo anal

6 reasons why we should all use sex toys
It is time to put aside the shame and experience new sensations in bed. Sex toys can bring us different benefits that you should know.

"If I already have a partner, why use a sex toy?" Is the question that many (and many) arise when they think about the possibility of including them in their relationships. And is that, although they exist for centuries (if you ask who invented sex toys, here we leave the story of the first vibrators), there is still some hesitation at the time of talking about the subject. They even suppose a taboo that we must break, because the purpose of sex toys not only lies in sexual pleasure, they can also help us improve our relationships and even solve certain dysfunctions.
But before listing its different benefits, in case you still do not have very clear which sex toys to use, we leave you a compilation with some of the most pleasurable.
Discover: Top 100 sex toys: what do you stay with?

Benefits of sex toys1. They help you to know yourself better: the only way to find out what we like and what we do not do in sex is by practicing it. Sex toys help us to discover our most sensitive areas, to stimulate them, to know the reactions of our body and to give free rein to our fantasies.
2. They can help treat anorgasmia: that is, reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Many women find it hard to reach him, both through penetration and with masturbation. Erotic toys can be an instrument to end this dysfunction.
3. Enhance sexual pleasure during relationships. Some of them can act as complements to penetration, such as vibrators for example, which can both stimulate the clitoris and push us to a more intense orgasm.
4. Avoid painful sexual relationships: although lubricants are also considered sex toys, the truth is that their function goes far beyond pleasure or fun. They are also practical when we talk about vaginal dryness, because they facilitate penetration, and also help in anal sex.
5. Strengthen the pelvic floor: like lubricants, Chinese balls are also considered sex toys. And although they act as such, they also do so by strengthening our pelvic floor, especially when we practice Kegel exercises with them. A strong pelvic floor is synonymous with better orgasms.
6. Break the monotony in bed: they are a way to break our sexual routine and experience new sensations as a couple.
Discover here the most popular sex toys from EdenFantasys
What sex toys can I use with my partner? In their case ... what sex toys do men prefer? It is also important to take this into account, especially when it comes to practicing sex as a couple, as there are options for the enjoyment of both. Among the most common "male" sex toys we find the vibrating ring, which is placed at the base of the penis to produce extra stimulation during penetration. There are also prostatic stimulators and the male vibrator, aimed at reaching the point G through anal penetration. Similar to these toys, we have the anal plug, similar to the dildo, but somewhat shorter and with a flared end.
As you have seen, there are sex toys of all kinds, for both men and women. And not only help to bring morbidity and excitement to our relationships, they also improve them! Therefore, the question is: why not use sex toys? Animate!
Sex toys 3.0: the vibrating bullet that is controlled by an app

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